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Southern Heritage Defense FAQ

1. Why was the S.H.D. formed?

The S.H.D. was formed to fight many things. It was formed to fight the lack of Southern Heritage taught through out America's schools. It was formed to counterattack the assults being made on our Battle Flag, through out the South. But most of all it was formed to teach the true history of the South and Slavery.

2. What is the aim of the S.H.D.?

The aim of the S.H.D. is to preserve and protect our Southern Heritage which is under attack everywhere through out the South.

3. When was the S.H.D. formed?

The S.H.D. was formed just recently in August, 1997.

4. Where is the S.H.D. based out of?

The S.H.D. is based out of Shreveport, LA.

5. How does the S.H.D. pursue the preservation and protection of our Southern Heritage?

The S.H.D. does this in many ways. The S.H.D. preserves our Southern Heritage by learning about it. We believe that learning about our Southern Heritage is the best way to preserve it. Knowledge is power. We protect our Southern Heritage by making contributions to the Museum of the Confederacy. What the Museum does with this money is they use it to restore many Confederate Exhibits. We feel this helps protect our Southern Heriatge.

6. How does the S.H.D. spend my membership fees?

The majority of the money the S.H.D. gets from its members goes to The Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA. But some of the money we bring in we use to pay for the cost of our monthly newsletter, and to help us recruit more members.

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