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S.H.D. Information

The S.H.D. is a nonprofit organization, based out of Shreveport, LA, determined on protecting and preserving our Southern Heritage, which everywhere through out the South is under attack. I feel the supreme way to protect and preserve Southern Heritage is to learn about it. That is the reason I put out a newsletter for the S.H.D., and post information about the War for Southern Independence on my webpage, because I feel that learning about our Confederate Heritage is the very best way to preserve it. The membership fees for this organization are just $5.00 per year ,and all members recieve a official S.H.D. membership card as well as a monthly newsletter. All the money brought in by the S.H.D. is given as a contribution to the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond. Also recently the S.H.D. Council passed a new document called the S.H.D. Constitution of Rules. This document contains many of the S.H.D. rules and policies. Joining organizations such as the S.C.V. and the S.H.D. are slowly becoming the only way to protect our Southern Heritage, so I urge you to please join the S.H.D.

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